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To cover up all your on-site security challenges, we have a range of compact electric vehicles that are your ideal site security transport. With their compact size accessing confined spaces such as pedestrian zones, car parks and narrow paths is not a problem.

Benefits of electric vehicles in the site security Industry:

Lower investment and running…….

Zero emissions and pollution

Reduced noise pollution

Low-speed vehicles increase site safety

Reduced legislation

EGC offers a range of vehicles with options of fit to task specifications and accessories to aid in the site security sector.

Whether you are looking to purchase, finance, or hire your fleet of vehicles, EGC will help and offer fully managed backup and support services to all clients:

Site Security Vehicle Range:

The below vehicles are suited to use in the site security industry:

High Standard Carts:

Crown 2
Crown 4
Crown 6
Royal 2
Royal 4
Royal 4L
Royal 6
Royal 6L
Royal 8

Mid Standard Carts
Epic 2
Epic 4
Epic 4L
Epic 6
Epic 6L
Epic 8

Heavy Duty & Off-Road Carts
B - 200
B - 400
B – 600
B - 700