Guest Transport Solutions

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Moving your guests, visitors, or disabled persons around your hotel, park or facility all contributes to the overall client experience. For modern sites spanning large areas, we have the logistics that can often prove the right vehicles for the job.

EGC range of electric shuttle vehicles and transport buggies are the ideal solution, which allows your guests and visitors to travel around the site in style and comfort.

Benefits of electric vehicles for guest and visitor transport:  

  • Zero emissions and pollution
  • Enhance guest experience
  • Reduced investment
  • Efficient indoor use
  • Turf-friendly vehicles available
  • Reach limited access zones with compact size
  • Reduced noise pollution
  • Reduced legislation

EGC offers a range of vehicles with options for fit-to-task specifications and accessories to aid in the site security sector.

Whether you are looking to purchase, finance, or hire your fleet of vehicles, we are here to help and offer fully managed back up and support services to all clients:

Guest and visitor transport vehicle range:

The below vehicles are suited to use in the hospitality management industry:

The High Standard Golf & Shuttle carts:
For Transportation & Shuttle.

Royal 2
Royal 4
Royal 4L
Royal 6
Royal 6L
Royal 8
Royal – HC
Royal Shuttle – 800
Royal Shuttle – 1100
Royal Shuttle – 1400
Royal Shuttle – 1400 C
Royal Shuttle – 2300
Crown 2
Crown 4
Crown 6

The Mid Standard Golf Carts:
For Transportation & Shuttling:

Epic 2
Epic 4
Epic 4L
Epic 6
Epic 6L
Epic 8
Epic – HC
Epic Shuttle – 800
Epic Shuttle – 1100
Epic Shuttle – 1400
Epic Shuttle – 1400 C
Epic Shuttle – 2300