The second thing you should do after you charge up the batteries is to CHECK EVERY BATTERY CONNECTION. Make sure every battery cable is correctly wired. Then check that all the battery cables are tight against the battery terminals and are not rusted or corroded. Bad connections will cause any battery charger to not function properly.

After you’ve charged up your batteries and checked every connection and you are still having issues, it’s probably safe to say you’ve got a golf cart battery charger problem and may need to service it or buy a new one. We do not service older chargers, but here’s where you can purchase a new battery charger.

If you previously purchased a Lester battery charger from us, the next step is to give Lester Electrical (the manufacturer) a call directly to troubleshoot. They are the most knowledgeable with regards to your charger and handle all advanced troubleshooting. They are always happy to help our customers troubleshoot their issues. Here is the contact information below:

Extraordinary Cart Technical Support

Phone: 920033466
Hours of operation: 8:00 am to 11:30 pm Saturday through Thursday